Wht2du provides an online community event calendar service geared toward providing event information relevant to the user. This document shall act as a list of guidelines for posting any content on Wht2du.

  1. Event information should be kept accurate and up to date. All event information and media must pertain to the event and not promote any company or business.
  2. Street address should be in standard U.S. Postal service address format. Further directional information should be inserted in the description field. City and state should not be inserted in street address field but may be inserted if street address alone leads to ambiguous google map results.
  3. All images, links, or other media used in a Wht2du event page should reflect the specific event or event series.
  4. Events may only be posted once and may only be posted for one location and one event category, if it occurs on multiple days the seperate dates and times should be listed.
  5. Online events or Webinars may be added to wht2du provided they exist to primarily serve one city. Online events may not be listed in multiple cities.
  6. You must own and have copyright rights or the authorization to license any content, media, images or other information that is posted on Wht2du. You must receive consent from any identifiable person(s) appearing in any media, images, or photos that are displayed.
  7. You and each company, business, partnership, or other entity you represent is entitled one user account. No username may falsely represent a company, person or trademark. Nor should any username include or represent any obscene, explicit, offensive or defamatory language.
  8. Reseller parties, multi-level marketings, personal network marketing events, affiliate marketing, home-based business franchising, or timeshare offering events are prohibited from being posted on Wht2du.
  9. Please do not post information that is all uppercase. Uppercase titles and descriptions are an eyesore for visitors to the site. Standard first letter title capitalization rules should be applied, acronyms may be fully uppercase