Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is is a service that enables users to publish and share information about local event(s) in their community while serving as a resource for learning about events.

How do I find local events In my area?

  1. Go to the Find Events page to find your state.
  2. Either go to "View all State Events" to see all the state events or click on your local city to see events for that location.

Do I need an account to post an event?

No, Wht2du does not require an account/registration to post an event - only an email address. User accounts are available for users who would like an enhanced experience but are optional in regards to creating an event. To create an event just start at Post an Event

How do I post my event?

  1. Go to the "Post an Event" page. You'll find this in the top navigation of every page.
  2. Fill in the form with information about your event.
  3. Click "Preview Event" button and to see a preview of what your event page will look like with your current information
  4. If you approve of the page then click "Publish Event" to publish your event on

How much does this cost?

This service is free. You may post as many events as you like all free of charge

Why doesn't use the facebook "like", Google+ "plus", and other share buttons?

Our team has considered and debated the use of social network share buttons and felt they would pose too great a privacy breach for our site. These buttons enable the service(Facebook, Google+, etc...) to track a user across the internet, without permission. Listed below are a few articles highlighing these issues:

In the future, Wht2du may allow these share buttons on an opt-in basis.

I live in another country, where are my current events located?

Currently is only able to service United States locations. But the service may be offered for other countries in the future.

Why doesn't Wht2du have my city or town?

Our team does their best to incorporate every city, town and village into our system but some of them slip through the cracks. Simply send an email through our Contact Form identifying the missing location and we'll ensure that it gets added.

How do I edit a published event?

After publishing an event an automated email will be sent to the email address used in the "Post an Event" form. This is why the email address is a required field. The email will contain the URL for the event page as well as the unique URL to edit the event information. You may use that link to edit the event information or to deactivate the event page permanently.

Account users can go to Manage Event tab to view, edit or deactivate events.

How do I delete my event?

You can not delete published events from our system but you can deactivate an event so it does not appear in listings and is no longer accessible. You may do this from the "edit event" link that you received in an automated email. This is not a reversible action so only deactivate the event page only after your event is complete and you no longer wish for the page to be accessible.

Account users can go to Manage Event tab to view, edit or deactivate events.

I have a lot of events. Is there a way to bulk add them?

Currently there is no feature to bulk add events. But if you Create an Account and then email with all your events we'd be happy to add them to your account for you.