About Us

Wht2du creates a family friendly environment where it is fast, free and easy to post an event at your convenience. So what is there to lose? Get your event out to the public with the simplicity of a click of a button!

Ever ponder where you can post an event? Sure there are many places to list your event(s): newspaper(s), radio station(s), Facebook, Twitter or even your chamber of commerce. With social medias a person will attract people that he/she knows. Newspaper(s) and radio are dead in this golden age of computers. Wht2du offers a free service where a person's event will be advertised to all age groups, without any fee.

Wht2du is a place on the internet where anyone can find a nearby event(s). Whether an event coordinator, with limited marketing budget, or a common user; he/she can make their events visible to their interested community or to visitors in town. Wht2du hopes to encourage engagement and take the difficulty out of finding/posting local activities. Wht2du's goal: To make every public event easy to find and to be successful.

Wht2du.com relies on users to post events. More users, equals more events, which equals more experiences for our users to have. Wht2du wants success for every event posted! To guaranteed maximum exposure, Wht2du may post your event on our Facebook Fan Page. We answer every email and develop our service to meet the needs of any event coordinator or any user.

This website was created by the collaboration between an Entrepreneur student and an IS student at California State University, Fresno.

Wht2du.com launched on February 2012.

We would like to thank all the current users for supporting us!

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